FPC yoga mat

FPC yoga mat project was officially approved and supported by Taipei City government on October 4 , 2015.

FPC yoga mat is composed of 50 % natural rubber (NR) and 50 % bio-composite material which uses 100% natural ingredients mainly from agricultural by-product such as rice husk , rice straw,  bamboo chips, coffee residue etc. without adding any man-made chemical  additives.

100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable, 100% bio-renewable, complete non-toxic and no harm to the environment, even after end-of-life. Adhering with Blue Economy and sustainable development strategy, it is also the lowest carbon-footage yoga mat in the world while creating values, reduce air-pollution,  and enhance healthy & joyful living. (Taiwan patent No. M544961)。


PM-Eric Shen 、CEO-Gordon Yu、RD-Bryan Lin