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FPC+ Film/Bag

Reduce plastics Carbon reduction

Sustainable resourcesCircular economy

FPC⁺ Bag FPC⁺ Bag




Why Use FPC+bag ?

1. Reduce plastics  using sustainable resources to replace plastic and help to reduce plastic usage.

2. Carbon reduction  using local renewable raw materials , the carbon emissions generated by transportation are lower than those imported from foreign countries as starch-based plastics, can help to achieve the purpose of reducing carbon.

3. Sustainable resources  using renewable agricultural and fishery by-products (waste) as raw materials.

4. Biodegradable  FPC+ bag complies with US ASTM D5338 biodegradability under controlled laboratory conditions. It also has the ability can be bio-degraded in natural conditions.

5. Burning non-toxic  combustion produces only carbon dioxide and water vapor, and the combustion residue is non-toxic and does not contain heavy metals, and will not cause environmental pollution.

6. Food contact safe  complies with TFDA regulations, non-toxic , heavy metal-free, plasticizer-free , suitable for general fresh fruit and vegetable packaging.